Amendment 64 and Schools

Will this affect schools? Yes, there is practically no way that this rather revolutionary change in drug laws will not have reverberating repercussions to all areas of our communities.  However, there does not appear to be the need for radical changes or accommodations by schools to address the new law.  The biggest impact will be that schools may need to [...]

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Senate Bill 191 Brings Change to the Reduction in Force Process

Senate Bill 191 brought significant changes to the reduction in force process.  Specifically, the legislation requires that the manner in which employment contracts will be cancelled during a reduction in force must be set forth in the District's negotiated agreement or District policy, and must include the performance criteria in the District's evaluation system as "significant factors" in determining which [...]

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Department of Labor Fines Public School District

$6.9 MILLION FOR H-1B VIOLATIONS Back wages and penalties ordered after public school district forces employees to pay for their own H-1B visas in violation of DOL wage regulations. In April, the U.S. Department of Labor announced that Maryland's Prince George's County Public Schools system was ordered to pay $4.2 million in back wages to 1,044 teachers, and fined $1.7 [...]

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