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The watercolors, woodcut prints and acrylics on display in the Caplan and Earnest office are the work of Mrs. Betsy Caplan, wife of firm founder Gerald A. Caplan. Mrs. Caplan donated the works to the firm after several members expressed interest in making the paintings into a permanent collection. The paintings grace the reception area, hallways and meeting spaces of Caplan and Earnest’s downtown Boulder office. Many of the colorful pieces depict Colorado’s one-of-a-kind landscapes and vistas, painted on-location at Colorado’s peaks and parks. Mrs. Caplan is proud to leave this legacy of her work in the halls at the firm.

Betsy Caplan - Self Portrait

Artwork of Betsy Caplan

Elizabeth (Betsy) Caplan, wife of Caplan and Earnest founder Gerald Caplan, studied biology at Duke and Syracuse Universities and has a Ph.D. in molecular biology from the University of Colorado. A member of the Colorado Mountain Club, she enjoys hiking and climbing as well as exploring ancient Anasazi ruins. Over the years, she has backpacked into canyons throughout the Four Corners area, carrying painting gear and often doing watercolor sketches on the spot that she finishes at home as woodcuts, watercolors or oils. She has had several one-person regional shows.

In addition, she has published articles on mountaineering, features for Sunday news magazines and technical papers on biology. She is now working on a mystery novel about pollen, pot-hunting and murder in the Canyons of the Ancients.

Mrs. Caplan and her husband raised their two children in Boulder, Colorado.

Artist Interview

How did your paintings come to be used in the firm’s hallways and materials?
Betsy Caplan: The members of the firm were interested in putting them up, and I eventually donated a number of works. The collection includes some woodcut prints, some watercolors and some acrylics. For a while, members of the firm had them in their offices, but now they are mostly in the public spaces for visitors to see.

What is your favorite painting that you’ve ever created?
BC: My favorites are the woodcut prints. They take such a long time and such effort that each one is special. My very favorite is one of Mont St. Michel in France. That took quite a long time to both carve and print. I had visited Mont St. Michel and came back with a sketch that I then worked up into a woodcut. That particular print has been in galleries and sold quite well, and I included one of them in the works I donated to Caplan and Earnest…

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