BOULDER, CO. (September 4, 2018) – Gwyneth Whalen, former judge and current leader of Caplan & Earnest’s litigation section, was recently appointed to the board of the Colorado Judicial Institute.

At Caplan & Earnest, Whalen focuses on civil litigation, including commercial disputes, employment litigation, contested probate, and real property disputes. Her expertise in civil litigation, including her unique perspective as a former judge for the 20th Judicial District of Colorado, has helped the firm expand its role beyond its core areas of education, employment, and health law.

“I am honored to be invited to serve on this amazing board and to support CJI in promoting judicial excellence in our court system for all Coloradans,” Whalen said.

The Colorado Judicial Institute’s mission is to preserve and enhance the fairness, impartiality, and excellence of Colorado’s Courts, to further public understanding of the Colorado judicial system, and to ensure that the courts meet the needs of the people. As a board member, Whalen will be part of the CJI’s efforts to improve alternative dispute resolution, continuing professional education for judges, and public policy efforts in support of needed court improvements and projects.

Whalen also specializes in workplace investigations on behalf of private and public employers. As a former judge and litigator, she brings a unique perspective and expertise to workplace investigations, including neutral, fair and independent fact-finding in high-profile matters. When serving as a judge, she presided over numerous civil, criminal, and domestic relations dockets as well as the Integrated Treatment Court for high-risk felons.

“On behalf of the board of the Colorado Judicial Institute, I’d like to enthusiastically welcome Gwyneth Whalen in joining our ranks,” said CJI board chair Barbara B. Randell. “The breadth of her experiences will add so much to our esteemed group, and we look forward to working with her in support of Colorado’s merit-based selection of our judiciary and judicial education.”